The Millennial Mobility Panel Study

This three-year project is the first of its kinds in Australia. It will explore the complex interactions between travel, life stage and attitudes of the millennial generation in Victoria, Australia.

Feedback from our interviewees

“A car to me symbolises commitment, financial responsibility and To some extent becoming an adult/losing one of the last parts of my childhood.”

— 22 year old interviewee
[Owning a car] is a part of growing up and being independent I guess. Learning to do things yourself. I’m not going to have my parents paying for things for the rest of my life am I? Get a job, pay for it yourself the hard way.
— 18 year old interviewee

Background to the Millennial Mobility Panel Study

The Millennial Mobility Panel Study (MMPS) will provide an in-depth understanding of the existing and future mobility patterns of millennials in Victoria to estimate future impacts on policy, planning and urban infrastructure. The project is supported through an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA grant number DE160100103) with additional support from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

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The changing mobility of Australian millennials

Millennials are now Australia’s most numerous generation. Preliminary research has found that they are delaying getting a driving license, less likely to drive and more likely to use public transport than previous generations. We still have much to learn about these trends to learn what is causing them and how to encourage sustainable mobility into the future.

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Featured Publications

Are millennials delaying or forgoing getting a driving licence?

In recent years a rapidly-expanding body of literature has attempted to understand reductions in the rate of driver licensing among young adults in developed countries.