Millennial Mobility Panel Study – Wave 1 findings

Millennial Mobility Panel Study – Wave 1 findings

The first set of findings from the first year of the Millennial Mobility Panel Study are here!  Over 900 people aged 21 to 25 responded to the survey from both greater Melbourne area and regional Victoria.

The survey painted a clear picture of a group of people in the transition between youth and adulthood, transitioning between education and full-time work.  Many were still living at home and most had at least some financial assistance from parents.  Yet when looking ahead to their future, many were uncertain whether they would reach traditional milestones of marriage, having children or owning a home by the time they were 30.

Many respondents were ‘multi-modal’, using not just a car but also using public transport, walking or cycling to get around.  Of course this depended on where they lived – outside of Melbourne the car dominated how people got around.  Attitudes toward cars and transit also differed a lot between Melbourne and regional areas.

Travelling overseas is a big part of young people’s lives, especially in Melbourne where 86% had been overseas once already (compared to 63% of respondents in regional Victoria).

Read the full report here.  Next year, Wave 2 of the survey will check back in with respondents to see what has changed in their lives or in transport in the last 12 months.

Many thanks to the TAC for supporting this research to ensure that regional Victorians are represented in the work.

  • Date December 17, 2017
  • Tags Attitudes, Australia, Behaviour, Home location, Life stage, Millennials, Mode Choice
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